Hop on The Bustonian for your friends Bachelorette Party

About Us

Both Brian and Matt have been best friends for over 25 years. From riding the bus to kindergarten, graduating to paper routes, to playing high school sports, to keg parties, to college graduation to living on our own, we are truly time tested.   Roughly 4 years ago while spending a week in Aruba, we decided it was time to take a chance and start a business venture together. After much thought and a few really stupid ideas, we came up with what we thought was a solid start.  We wanted to provide people with a new way to travel the city of Boston.  Recognizing a need for and lack of any large scale party buses, we created The Bustonian.
Our different backgrounds have made this venture into a business that has also lasted the test of time. The first few years were not easy but with over 14,000 people traveling on our busses over the last 3 ? years, we have branded what we think is a fun, unique and safe way to party in this amazing city of Boston.

Look at this Article from the Boston Globe:

The Bus Stops Here

By Meredith Goldstein, Globe Staff | January 3, 2006

"You've probably seen at least one of them around town, most likely on weekends, traveling by the bars near Faneuil Hall

They look like school buses decorated by a misguided prom float committee. They have murals on their outsides, one has a stripper pole on its inside, and on hot nights passengers often scream out of their windows, shouting nonsensical, euphoric woo-hoos as though they were on ''Total Request Live."

This is the Bustonian, one of the few mobile party experiences around Boston. The Ultimate Boston Party Bus

The Bustonian is the brainchild of Brian Napoleon and Matt Robitaille, two best friends from Burlington who always wanted to start a company together. Their first idea -- a laundromat that doubles as a bar -- would have been a logistical nightmare. So two years ago, they went with plan B, a rentable party bus, a booze cruise on pavement, if you will.

The 31-year-old partners now own two buses. There's the Bustonian and the Mighty Bustonian (guess which one has the stripper pole). The vehicles once hauled students to public school in Sturbridge and to Mount Ida College. Now they're booked about three nights a week for bachelor parties, birthday bashes, and the like."
Call us today and we?ll prove to you why we are still the leader in this city!

Hop on The Bustonian for your friends Bachelorette Party